Get lost in one of our camper vans

Classic VW Camper Hire based in East Sussex offering two types of rentals

The Classic

Explore the open road while driving the air-cooled engine to unknown destinations. The road trip experience that allows unique freedom.

Need a tea break? Camper. Need a nap? Camper. Want to spontaneously jump in the sea then change in private? Camper.  

This option is for anyone looking to explore and drive. Why have one destination when you can spend the week at seven? Head to the info page to find out more or get booking

The Glamper

Don’t want to drive this time? Step away from the world to a fully set up VW hideaway. All you need to do is arrive at your chosen destination and the rest is taken care of. We’ll set up the awning of your choice and your outdoor seating. Inside the camper you’ll find a selection of tea, coffee & hot chocolate waiting for you. No driving required (or allowed) here!

Check the info page to see our recommended campsites.

Get lost … slowly

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