Meet Fernwehs


(n.) The pain to see far flung places beyond our doorstep.

Described by many as the travel ache you can’t translate.
Fernweh has grown from the popular word ‘wanderlust’, taking it from a deep desire to travel, to a complex pain induced emotion that pushes the boundaries of lust.
Tracing back to the 1800’s, it’s been roughly translated as ‘distance sickening’. It offered the Germans the concept that they could escape their ordered and constrained society to explore new aspects of their identity and live a more carefree life.

‘Nostalgia in reverse’ has also been used to describe Fernwehs – we like that.

The Short:
Classic VW Campervan Rental based in East Sussex.

The Long:
We’re two people that have combined our love for cars with our love of travel & adventure.
Scott (The Boss) has a history in building award winning classic cars while Rachel (Actually Gets Sh*t Done) has a history for capturing these classics.

Our introduction to campers came about after Scott had an unsuccessful camping trip in a tent (requested by his nephew) … It rained from the moment he arrived on the Friday until the moment he left on Sunday. I should probably mention at this point we were both very much hotel people.
Fast forward two weeks and we’re on route to Newquay to view a T25 Camper. We called our VW friend once we had inspected the vehicle to ask for his input and with his advice “don’t get it’, we got it.
Dinky needed a full restoration so being the restless people we are, Betsy happened.

We chose to go down the classic VW route not only because we work with vehicles of the same era but because they have character, charm and a style like no other. They are also very well considered, the construction of these vehicles has been very well thought out maximising the features in the space provided, quirky features you just don’t get in modern vans.

We thoroughly enjoyed our camper adventures and desperately wanted to get our friends and families involved to, so… in came Berty and the question “why should it be strictly friends and family?” You guys should get to enjoy these vans too.

Scott & Rachel